Work Environment

Cae Technologies provides state-of-the-art world-class work environment for its Engineers. Head Quartered at Bangalore, Cae Technologies has facilities across the globe. Cae Technologies offers its engineers a wide range of opportunities in the industry via domestic and international projects.

Cae Technologies strives to successfully blend the best of Indian and Global work cultures. At Cae Technologies, the engineers are given complete responsibility of the work they are handling; this encourages project ownership. Engineers are allowed to work independently based on their specialized knowledge of engineering applications in spite of being part of a team. Engineers are constantly exposed to working with industry leaders using leading edge technology, which helps them widen their vision and expand their skill set.

At Cae Technologies, skill management is the foundation on which development is built. By way of the Mentoring program, Cae Technologies creates an inventory of original and updated skills. The President of the company is the chief mentor. The growth of the engineers is dependent on mentoring and developing their skills.

Engineers are regularly sent overseas to work on dynamic and challenging projects. Engineers could either be based at the Indian offices or at the client sites across the globe. Cae Technologies is committed to quality and excellence, and looks for employees who share these values. Having the right qualification or experience is just the first criterion. Cae Technologies identifies people who can convert customer needs into quality solutions. In addition, Cae Technologies would prefer engineers on-board who will go the extra mile to delight the customer.

Engineers with time-management and troubleshooting skills are much sought after. Cae Technologies is an equal-opportunity employer. We work towards creating an open and honest atmosphere, wherein all employees are given opportunities based on performance, skill set, dedication and attitude.