A stress analysis by use of FEM is quite simple ...
To predict fatigue and lifetime often is more difficult!

So our software-tool
FAT4FEM has been developed ...

with the strong objective
to enable a "simple" but accurare
lifetime estimation
based on the stresses derived out of a
FEM analysis.

FAT4FEM is an abbreviation for: Fatigue for FEM


+ Easy-to-learn ... A one day training is sufficient anyway

+ Easy-to-use ... even sporadic use isn't a problem

+ Quick analyses ...  Optional multicore-version (from 4.xxx)

+ Customization: User defined functionalities may be added.

   On demand even as a "hidden funcionality''

+ Reasonably priced



  • is cleary arranged, intuitive to use and therefore appropriate for sporadic use also
  • covers HCF from 20000 oscillations per cycle
  • offers famous neubers rule by what FE-analyses based on linear-elastic material properties are sufficient in the majority of cases
  • generates the SN-curves for important materials (St, Al, Ti) by use of famous uniform material law (UML) - if necessary
  • enables to realize user defined load spectra in a very simple manner
  • uses solely the established critical plane approach
  • analizes lifetime for constant as well as for turning main stress axes
  • accumulates partial damages acc. to Miner
  • offers to list detailed nodal results in tabular order and sort them quickly
  • reuses the utilized FE software-tool to virtualize all results derived with FAT4FEM

  • is employed right now for:
    Automotive, construction equipment, hydropower

  • From version 4.xxx FAT4FEM offers a new functionality, the so called "general loadcase combination". Which may reduce the amount of required FE-analyses dramatically



+ is characterized by a clearly structured GUI
easy to use
→ max. 1 day of training required
→ therefore applicable for sporadic use also

... at the moment offers ASCII interfaces to...
• Abaqus/CAE
• SIMPACK (directly integrated)
• ...

+ uses solely the established critical plane approach

+ contains 7 equivalent stress hypotheses
→ PSWT, Signed Mises, Findley, Dang Van, ...
→ Three of them are well or very well qualified to evaluate
turning main stress axes

+ returns 21 detailed nodal results in tabular form
quicksort of all columns enables ...
→ fast and convenient review of all results

+ exports for graphical representation of the results ...
damage D applied to number of oscillations
safety factor S applied to the load
→ degree of Neuber´s correction
damaging equivalent stress amplitude
→ and the corresponding mean stress


The logical structured GUI makes FAT4FEM easy to use

Klick to enlarge the image

To list and sort all detailed nodal results is fast and very helpfull

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Safe-FEM Preisliste

Recent price-list of Safe-FAT4FEM.

I. Services
Lifetime calculation with FAT4FEM:
Rs.4430 / h

II. FAT4FEM testing licence

Use and support limited to 6 weeks:

III. FAT4FEM paid-up licence
1 PC - 1 User - Node-locked:
1 PC - 1 User - Floating:
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Discount for several licences is available upon inquiry.

Maintenance and support for 12 months are included in the purchase price.
After that they become subject to a charge:
Maintenance is optionally.
16,7 % of (III) / year

IV. FAT4FEM lease licence
Available from a 6 month term of lease:
Maintenance and support are included.
40% of (III) / year

All prices plus VAT.