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Our structural engineering team have in-depth expertise in all building materials and types. Through continuous training in the very latest technologies, our structural engineers are at the cutting edge of the design world.

he Structure shown in this blog is a Plant Structure not a Building Structure.  Plant related equipment will be placed in this facility such as storage tanks, pipes etc.  There are no wall panels in this structure.  Guard rails and plant staircases are shown.

Based on conventional beam and column floor support, the structure would appear obvious. However, the initial concept dictated that the entire structure be supported only on four central concrete cores. Columns on the grid would not extend down to a foundation. There would be potential economy in this design requirement, given that the entire building is sited over water.

Contour of combined stresses of beam elements

Display of Combined Beam Stresses of Br. subject to Live and Earthquake Loads.

Natural Periods of Vibration (Modal) Analysis for Seismic Design, 1st & 2nd Modes in Vertical Direction.

SUBWAY 2 (Subway Station)
Complete analysis model of a subway station structure using beam and solid elements.

SUBWAY 1 (Subway Station)

Structural Analysis Result of a Subway ventilation opening structure fully modeled with plate elements.
Structural Analysis Result of a Subway station fully modeled with plate elements.

Deformation and principal stress contours from a response spectrum analysis of a highway bridge pier

Scope: Detail analysis of pier, cross bracing diaphragm, tunnel, cable anchorage. etc.
Static Analysis Moving Load Analysis Response Spectrum Analysis Buckling Analysis

Design of Column free jumbo jet hangar.

Comprehensive concrete module