Finite Element Analysis of Hub and Extender Assembly (250kW Wind Turbine)

  • Finite element analysis was carried out on wind turbine(250kW) hub and extender assembly to determine,
    • Stress and displacement under different loading conditions.
    • Behavior of bolts under different loading conditions.
    • FE analysis was performed on the hub and extender assembly by taking individual hub and extender and combination of all 3 hub and extender assembly.
    • The analysis was performed for loading conditions,
      • Force
      • Flap wise bending moment
      • Edge wise bending moment
    • ANSYS software was used to perform FE Analysis.
    • Design and Analysis was approved for DNV certification.

Single Hub and extender subjected to force and bending moments

All three Hub and extender subjected to force and bending moments

Displacement of single , three hub and extender.

Finite Element Analysis of FRAME - (250kW Wind Turbine)

FE Analysis on the frame structure of wind turbine(250kW) was performed under different loading conditions.

The loads and moments transmitted from the rotor through the hub and main shaft produce reaction loads and moments in the mainframe. As the mainframe reacts to these loads and moments, surface deflection and distortion occurs along with larger scale movement.

The stresses developed and displace due to these forces and moments were studied by using Finite element analysis using ANSYS software.

We suggested that, if extra ribs or welding will be added then stresses developed in the ribs can be reduced.